Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OYA 3/30

Ultrasound today. 

Oh, please God, let's make that goal weight.  Remember when the docs said they wanted her 1 1/2 pounds to give her a shot?  Well, at that point, she was only 1 pound.  Thus, the high protein diet.  She needed to increase her weight by 50%.  Really?  It took her 5 months to hit 1 lb!  You want her to increase that much now in 2 weeks?  Not possible.  But I gave it my best shot with chicken nuggets (from Wendy's), yogurt, bacon and protein drinks.  Was I even close to successful?

First, a cervix check.  The cerclage was still holding!  I seriously couldn't believe it.  Shock, awe, disbelief, sheer joy.  There were too many emotions to accurately describe them all.  The shot at saving my daughter's life was still working.

Then, the weight check.  I don't know how the docs prioritized this, but it was the most important for me.  If she came right now, do they think she'd have a chance?  YES!!!!!!  They were putting her at 1 lb 10 oz!!!  Two ounces more than my goal!!!  How on earth did this happen?  I didn't care, because whatever it was, it was working.  It made me deal with the lack of appetite a little better.  While I may not feel like eating anything, SHE was getting it.  She was gaining.  She was doing exactly what we needed her to do.  She was fighting.

I asked the docs about the steroids for lung development too.  I was told that research showed that the benefit of them decreased as time went on, so they didn't want to give them too early.  If they gave them to me now and she held out for 2-3 more weeks, they would have gone to waste.  If it looked like delivery was imminent within the next 48-72 hours, then they'd start.  But for now, we were just going to stay in the holding pattern.

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