Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OYA 3/16

Trying to put on a good face so I wouldn't completely ruin my mom's birthday.  The day started with an ultrasound to see if the cerclage was doing its job.  God Almightly, it was.  I actually had a bit of cervix to measure!  1.5 cm if memory serves me correctly.  Not much, but at this point, I'd take any improvement (anything below 3 cm is not good).  Getting it done was not fun - considering yesterday they shoved needles, etc up there, now they were shoving u/s wands.  But I was so happy (considering) that I didn't care all that much about the discomfort.

At that point, the doc said that it looked like Punkin weighed 1 pound.  Whenever she made her entrance, they wanted her to be at least 1 1/2 pounds.  So we had some work to do.  It was not going to be easy.  I was to eat.  A lot.  Often.  Preferably stuff high in protein.  And when I ordered from the cafeteria, they were going to see how much I ate and of what.  Have you ever tried to eat while lying down?  For days on end?  Yeah, not so much.  That was miserable.  I had no appetite whatsoever.  But I had to eat to *hopefully*give Punkin a chance.  I still thank God for bacon.

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