Monday, March 15, 2010

Gee, this is fun

So yeah, not only are we dealing with me trying to stay sane through all the memories, but both kids are sick. 

Jaime has been fighting off a cold for a few days.  Actually, I think he's teething.  I really hope his 2-year molars come in before he starts losing others!  He's all fussy, eating like crap (worse than usual), and drooling a small estuary.  And he only wants his Mama.

Then....Maryn started going yellow yesterday morning.  It was slight, so we just kept an eye on it.  A little sleepier than usual, but no other symptoms.  Last night's nurse had to put her on O2 throughout the night.  BOOOO!  I don't like that.  Of course whatever M needs, but still.  We were doing so good.  David calls me at work asking me to meet him at the pedi office later in the morning.  Now, she has added wheezing, a low-grade temp, and coughing up blood to the mix.  Great.  Just f%*()$% great. 

Off to the pedi we go.  First - the good news.  She weighed 16lbs 6oz!  Ok, so 3-4 oz of that were clothes and diaper, but still, she's over 16lbs!  That was my lofty goal for her by her birthday.  Now, the bad news.  99.6* temp.  Not "officially" a fever, but M's norm is around 98.0.  They ordered an aspirate.  Of course, now she won't cough anything up.  No doubt about it - she's my kid.  We are back on antibiotics and a nebulizer pending aspirate results.  And if it comes back e. coli again, we really need to give surgery the go. 

Fast forward to the afternoon.  Aspirate needed to be redone.  Was too thick and dry by the time it hit the lab.  So Nana and I took her in to CH.  I actually made it through the lobby without recognizing anyone!  Again, small miracles.  Once we finally got into the lab room, I was glad to see that RT Heather was going to do the test.  She is awesome.  She really talked me through being present for one of M's first self-extubating episodes in the NICU.  Very competent and calming.  Willing to talk.  What I needed.  We were debating going to the ER, as Heather mentioned something about her breathing fast.  She was starting to retract more than usual.  But I chose to wait.  Of course, I'm now waiting to see at what time we'll have to head in tonight, but anyway.

So now we wait for the call some time tomorrow.  The sooner the better please.

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