Friday, March 12, 2010

OYA 3/12

I'd been feeling off, but what was new? I was 22 weeks pregnant. I felt huge, my back was sore and I was still spotting on and off. This wasn't anything new, but I always called my doc when it started back up. It all started around 13 weeks, when they discovered I had a partial previa. I was put on "bedrest" at home for a few days then told I could go back to work as long as I took it easy. God bless one of the Spanish teacher who agreed to give me her room so I wouldn't have to trapse everything from room to room. Leigh, I love you! I was in for the 20 week ultrasound about 2 weeks prior. What they could see looked fine, but Punkin was being a stinker, so the tech couldn't get a good shot of her heart or be 100% on "the goods," so we scheduled another u/s for 3/30.

I was taking it easy with my students. Thank GOD for giving me a student teacher. Amanda was taking care of most of my classes at the middle school. I was sitting at my desk, rubbing my HUGE belly. I took my first "belly shot" of this pregnancy the day before. I looked as big now as I did with Jaime at 34 weeks! Yikes! I was noticing contractions on and off. Again, nothing new. So, like a good little preggo, I was watching the clock. No more than 4 an hour. I even was writing down the times so I could watch for any sort of pattern. Nada. At least nothing I could sense. I figured I'd call the doc tomorrow if it continued. After all, if I called now, they'd tell me to put my feet up and drink a bunch of water and take it easy. I was basically doing that right now from my chair. If I only knew....

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