Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy crap!

I knew I was slacking, but man, I didn't realize it had been this long since I updated on the kiddos!  Sorry peeps.  Let's see if we can summarize.

He's now trying to walk.  He's up to about 8-10 steps, and he's trying to turn.  This is all on his own, as I guess he's too good for the walker now.  At least he seems to think so.  He loves to stand by David at one side of the living room and say "Walk to mama" as he toddles towards me.  He can reward himself with his own "yay" too. 

J got a bike from Santa for Christmas.  Once he warmed up to it and figured out what it was supposed to do, he realized it was pretty awesome.  "Vrooom, vrooom."  Of course he prefers if it goes backwards and enjoys ramming the refrigerator. 

He's starting to eat a bit better.  He'll even take his medicine, "meh-sin," from a spoon.  The kid asks for cookies ALL the time.  How he can still be so skinny (compared to his height) is beyond me.  He must have the metabolism of a tri-athlete.  Found out that he likes meatloaf, spaghetti, rice krispies, and jello. 

Ok, the jello thing - not so exciting as we figured that one out as he was in the hossy on Jan 1.  Four seizures in a short time frame.  We have now officially been on every floor at Children's.  But we got over it.  Then came the flu.  Or something like it.  Evil, EVIL I tell you.  Back to the hossy for IV fluids.  My poor boy.  But now, you'd never know he was so sick in January.
What a little chunk!  Don't ask me how the girl manages to put on weight when she still hurls all over the place.  She often lets me know that what I, or others, are wearing is simply not acceptable.  She is taking a bit of babyfood orally, but that's touch and go.  Right now, feeding her soley by mouth just isn't an option.  She will put anything and everything in her own mouth, but as soon as she sees that spoon, she goes into lock-down.

She loves being flat on the floor where she can *try* to roll over.  Not much in the way of success, but it's cute watching her try.  She gets so close, but that bottom arm (and the Buddah-belly) always get in the way.  She giggles afterwards as we praise her effort.  While she can't roll yet, she does manage to wiggle her little self into a number of positions so she can get just what she wants, be it a) in her brother's way, b) in front of the TV, or c) close enough to her play gym so she can kick the arms.

We've been lucky enough to keep her out of the hospital for the most part.  She's had a few little illnesses, but we've been able to treat them at home after a visit to the office.  She does have a few doc appointments coming up that might lead to procedures later this spring, but nothing set in stone yet.

And she's as cute as a button.