Friday, February 26, 2010

I am not smart

Because I can't understand half of what Jaime says! The kid is talking up a storm now. I'm just too stupid to figure things out.

We did figure out MUNK-OOO-YAH is monkey. The monkey says "oo-oo, ah-ah." Quite cute. The DUCK says "quack." Ok, no W sound. Therefore my kid sounds like he's blurting obscenities with a Boston accent. And I think he named his frog Puddle. Much better than listening to Jaime call him Frog. He can't say his Rs, and the G come out like a K. Yeah, sounds lovely. But what on earth is Pah-Ma? He's been rattling that off for weeks now and I haven't a clue. And why does he have to call the elephant "Ah-ta?" That's what my sister called ME when I was younger. Between that and "Mama, moo," I think he's trying to tell me something.

We really have to watch our language now because he's picking words up after hearing them only once.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Same old, same old

Not much new stuff has happened since last week. Jaime is still wanting to walk but too afraid to do it on his own. M is still showing off with her SAT levels. The girl has not needed O2 during awake times for a full week now. David is still awaiting his foot surgery next week (Lord, help me!). And I'm still in la-la land.

No, I'm not sleeping or drugged up or anything. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Things are too quiet right now. Pray that everything isn't waiting, building up for M's clinic appt in March.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mid February happenings

The kids are growing up!

Jaime is surprising us with his vocabulary each day. That's what he want's to work on most right now. And he's doing well. I just need to become smart enough to understand all that he is saying. Took me a while yesterday to decipher what sounded like a curse word. Thanks to David's mom, we decided it must mean "frog" since he has been playing with his French-speaking frog a lot. He loves to tell people what the cow, monkey and duck say. We are working on what the puppy says too, but he prefers to give cuddles instead. He still loves to refer to Maryn as "good girl." I guess she has no name. At least we can figure out who he's talking about!

He's still wanting to walk, but his fears are holding him back. He walks like a pro as long as he holds on to 2 fingers. He will say 'walk' when he wants to take off. And if we don't move fast enough, he will actually try to grab his walker. I need to find some walker training wheels to keep him from tipping over, but that's a huge improvement. David introduced him to the stairs. He will walk up and down while holding on to someone's hands. He's just starting to try and crawl up them on his own. And his favorite is to crawl over to the stairs, pretend like he's going to launch himself down on his own, then laugh and pound on the step while Mom tries to get her heart started again.

We took Jaime for his 3-year pictures last week. I still can't believe he's 3. He keeps saying "I two" and I have to correct him, which he finds hilarious. Unless of course I am trying to get him to smile or laugh. Aka, pictures. He clung to me for dear life. Yet somehow, the photographer managed to capture some amazing shots. I don't know if it was sheer luck or talent, but wow. And my checkbook said wow too. I've never spent so much on pictures! Darn kid - if he wasn't so cute I wouldn't be broke already! Loving every minute of it.

As for the Princess, she's trying to show off. I guess she thinks she needed to do something spectacular to keep up with her brother and try to keep ahead of her latest competition in the cute department (her new beautiful cousin Lucy). A few nights ago she decided she really was too big to need her O2 all the time. So far this week, she has maintained her SATs with no supplemental oxygen while she's awake. She still needs a bit overnight, but I'll take what I can get! I am silently jumping up and down with excitement over the possibility that we may no longer need 'big blue' during the day. Of course, I won't tell her that - that would jinx everything.

Maryn also got her first taste of squash a few days ago. Kid still hates her bottle (although I am going to try again tonight), but I kid you not - she opened her mouth for the squash! Maybe we are going to bypass the liquid stuff for the most part just like we did with Jaime. Gonna be a veggie girl? Who knows.

Oh, but she still needed to be a total stinker last week. Pulled her trach out all by herself. Ok, I was NOT mentally prepared for that. One minute, she's trying to pull her O2/HME off. Next minute, I hear something strange which leads to me screaming for David. Um, yeah, not exactly how they trained us to handle such situations. We got the emergency one back in easily, and then I proceeded to collapse onto the changing table. Commence Mommy freak-out. I have not been that shaken up by one of her hissy fits since she was still in room 553 needing to be emergently reintubated for the first time with me there. She has been ordered to do no such thing EVER again.

I'm an auntie! The happy and the sad of it.

Yup, earlier this week, Doodle made her appearance. Lucia Elizabeth was born on Mardi Gras. Dude, if her birthday is any sign, please pray for her parents! :P She is this cute, little, beautiful, hairy, perfect bundle. I am so lucky to be her aunt. Carrie and Dan surprised me by asking me to be her godmother too! Ok, so I was silently pining for that honor, but I didn't want to say anything. After all, I'm not her only aunt. Must learn to share. We've already decided that Lucy and Maryn are destined to be the best of friends. And Jaime is going to be big brother to both of them, watching out for them while teasing the bejeezus outta them too. He's a proud cousin, and I'm sure he's going to love on Doodle as he still calls her once things get settled.

But at the same time, please forgive me for my feelings. I can't say what I really want to. While I am SO truly happy for my wonderful sister, I am also jealous and in pain. I am jealous of how smooth her surgery and pregnancy went. I am jealous that she got to have that BIG (adorable) round belly. I'm jealous that Lucy's daddy got to hold her moments after taking her first breath instead of having a tube shoved down her throat. I am jealous of the lack of worry, or at least the lack of worrying about life and death issues. I mourn the fact that I will never know what it will be like to be 39 weeks pregnant. I mourn the lack of screeching cries that I have yet to hear. I mourn not being able to hold my Princess until she was weeks old. I mourn the "normalcy" that I will never know. Holland is beautiful, and I wouldn't change it. But I sure would like a vacation to Paris or Rome from time to time.

Please don't judge me. I love my kids and wouldn't change them for the world. I am the luckiest mom. And I would not wish my ordeal on my worst enemy - seriously and completely. I can deal. But sometimes I don't want to. I will pay my penance for whatever I have done or failed to do. Yes, I may complain and whine and sulk from time to time. But I will continue the fight. But why should my precious children have to deal with such trials when they are entirely innocent?