Friday, February 26, 2010

I am not smart

Because I can't understand half of what Jaime says! The kid is talking up a storm now. I'm just too stupid to figure things out.

We did figure out MUNK-OOO-YAH is monkey. The monkey says "oo-oo, ah-ah." Quite cute. The DUCK says "quack." Ok, no W sound. Therefore my kid sounds like he's blurting obscenities with a Boston accent. And I think he named his frog Puddle. Much better than listening to Jaime call him Frog. He can't say his Rs, and the G come out like a K. Yeah, sounds lovely. But what on earth is Pah-Ma? He's been rattling that off for weeks now and I haven't a clue. And why does he have to call the elephant "Ah-ta?" That's what my sister called ME when I was younger. Between that and "Mama, moo," I think he's trying to tell me something.

We really have to watch our language now because he's picking words up after hearing them only once.

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