Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OYA 3/29

So in the middle of all this, I met a wonderful lady.  She changed my life.  She kept me from that dark hole that was so attractive.  She kept it real while refusing to focus on the negative.  I looked forward to when she was working, and I kept telling her she needed to be my nurse every day.  Denise became more than just a completely awesome nurse.  I'd like to say she's also my friend.

She "got" me.  She wouldn't wake me up just to check for vitals.  Yup, I was still breathing.  She knew I would let her know if something was up.  She'd come in and chat.  I'd tell her about Jaime, and she'd tell me about her kids, the camping, the horses, her parents and the new puppy.  I got to hear stories of idiot cable men.  We'd talk about chocolate and growing up outside of a thriving metropolis.  We were familiar with the same areas of town, so we'd toss out "you gotta check out this place" hints. 

But don't cross my Denise!  Like I said, she kept it real.  She was never mean, but she told it to you straight.  She could hold her own, even against a cranky, whiny little brat like me.  When I would complain, she'd listen, then help me suck it up and continue fighting.  She'd remind me what I was fighting for, pointing out that the fight, the pain, the inconvenience, the terror, was more than worth it.  She wouldn't push me to deal with it on my own.  Nope, she would walk through it all with me.  The good, the bad, and the ugly that was to come.

She brought a piece of real life to me, making me feel a little less isolated.  Another one of my angels in disguise.  Or in this case, scrubs!

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