Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 Aug

Quick, before my headache meds knock me out....

Maryn got switched to a new formula today. GI docs wanted to try something more broken down. Never heard of this stuff before - progestamil or something like that. No idea where I'd get it if it works. But so far, so good. She took just shy of 3 oz (that's right 3, not 2!) and didn't spit yet. I stayed for about 2 hours after she ate, so I'm guessing it should stay down if it hadn't come back up yet.

I bought her some headbands today. I'm guessing she's not fond of getting bows stuck to her head with KY anymore, so we'll see if she likes these better. Will post pics when 1) I get off my arse and load them onto the computer and 2) when I figure out how to get them from computer to here. Shouldn't be hard, but then again, none of this should have been so difficult.

God bless the amazing women who have signed up to take care of Maryn once she comes home. Whenever that will be. Not only JoAnn, but now I find out for sure that Emily and Mandi will each basically be covering a shift a week. So now I can sleep at least 3 nights! I know they'll be "working," but since they'll be in my house, they're REALLY gonna become my family.

Jaime is adorable as ever. Loves talking on the phone. He'll grab it and start kissing it especially if David or my mom are on it. Oh, and he officially says "honk." We get his nose and say honk, then he does it to himself. So cute. Sometimes he'll even honk my nose. And I'm teaching him what the word "sing" means. He's starting to get it, so at his rate, he'll have it down pat by Wednesday


  1. hey sweetie.. all you have to do is have your pedi give you a script for it and get it from a med supply company. we love walgreens home option care.

  2. unfortunately, it's usually not covered by insurance unless she's tube-fed (which i don't think she is, is she?). which sucks, b/c i guarantee it's expensive. don't know HOW expensive, but i know mackenzie was on nutramigen - which is OTC in the regular store, but is hypoallergenic - and was friggin' ridiculous - and probably doesn't come close to what pregestamil costs! alimentum, on the other hand, IS available OTC in the regular store - it's the same as nutramigen - just made by the other formula company (there are 2 main ones). also, if she tolerates alimentum, but they're concerned b/c it's not really for preemies, they can always just have you mix it at a higher caloric content - that's what we had to do for mackenzie - still do - and we even have to add safflower oil to give extra fat and calories.

    lots of love and hugs, sweetie. i'm so sorry you're still divided between the kiddos and i just keep praying you'll have them both home with you soon.