Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 August

Well, baby girl managed to hit 7lbs 1oz on Sunday night! At 4 months old, she's now the size of the average newborn. Strange to think about it like that.

she's still spitting. Doc is trying her on erythromiacin (sp) to help her GI motility. Aka, he wants her to poop more. That's one thing that drives me batty about this medical stuff. Stop making everything sound so freaking fancy! Sheesh! Emesis (puking)! Stooling (pooping)! Secretions (phlegm and spit)! English please. :) Ok, off my soap box. Anyway, doc decided to do this because he's at a loss. Doesn't know what else to try, and this was something the GI docs had mentioned. She very well could just be a spitty baby. I'm ok with that, as long as we are sure there isn't some bigger problem causing everything. But I get the feeling that the doc is afraid to send her home this spitty because he doesn't know how I will handle it. Poor guy - I bawled in front of him about a week ago, and I think it completely freaked him out. Like he actually looked scared. God bless him. It's just how I deal - he did everything right, and I appreciate his candor.

But on the good side, she was awake, alert and interacting for about 3+ hours tonight. David and I showed up to receive a gift from the Wishing Well Foundation (Children's Hospital and State Troopers), and Maryn was starving. She ate her 70 ccs (which she later spit maybe 20 of). "Smiled" for the pictures, and then wanted to play. We played with her new toy from the foundation for a while. She kept getting one of the duck's feet. So cute. Oh, she also continued to taunt me, the nurses and the RTs by punching her HME/O2 off. Typical.

Jaime is trying so hard to be a big boy. He desperately wants to walk. David and I will sit on the floor and Jaime will "walk" between us. Sometimes, he'll take a few steps while holding on to only one finger on one side. He gets so proud of himself when he does that. Big smiles. And he's so smart too. He knows several body parts and understands so much. I am so lucky to be these kids' mom!

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