Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 Aug

I have yet to see Maryn today, but here's the latest. I'm at "work" and need something to keep me awake.

First, after thinking the worst about her tummy, things seem to be "looking up." No aspirating her food, and yes, they still are dying it Smurf blue. Nothing like that coming out of her trach. Back on 22 cal Neosure. Low and behold, she is spitting again. At least from what I hear, it's not projectile any more. So she got switched to Alimentum. Spit still after the first bottle of it, but it may take a few days for her system to adjust to it. We'll see. Not the most ideal situation, as it's not "formulated" to grow preemies, but it's better than nothing!

Insurance sucks. They are arguing about whether or not home nursing care is "medically necessary." Umm, yeah. Let's try and teach a stranger with no experience how to use the 7 different machines in our house. Plus how to change Maryn's trach, or clean it, or suction, or how she can play, or.... Idiots. We are going to find a way for it to happen one way or another.

And when we find a way, I am so pleased that JoAnn is going to be one of her nurses! Monday and Thursday nights I guess. So I am declaring that she is Charge Nurse of the Page household. At least I know I'll be able to sleep those nights. Maryn will definitely be in good hands. :) Now who else that we know wants to take other shifts?

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