Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7 - part 2

Well, at least she didn't spit up much today. I still kinda wish they would just to the xray, just to make sure. And hell, we aren't paying for it any more. Not only have we way beyond maxed out the insurance out-of-pocket (MY hospital bill alone was over $80,000, not including any of the doctors' fees), but M should be approved by Medicaid any day now.

Currently, I'm very thankful we have a certain nurse again tonight. We haven't had any bad ones with M, but the one who took over today was iffy. She was from the PICU, and I could tell she was uncomfortable dealing with M. Don't know if it was her size, the fact that she's vented, or what, but I had to basically tell her to come in and suction her. She would leave the side of the isolette down and walk away. Umm, no. She may be a preemie, but she *could* roll over (she's sure been trying to). And she ain't gonna end up on the floor. Not while I'm around. Ya wonder why my headache went all the way into my middle back earlier.

She's up to 41 cm long (about 16 inches) and her head circumference was 30 cm. That was ok - not good, not bad. We'll see how the brain u/s goes on Tuesday. She did lose about 20 oz, but that's not a concern at this point for me. Heck, the way this kid poops, she could easily poop 20oz at a time! Seriously. She did it again in her bath yesterday.

As for the monkey, he's flinging poo too. Has started to pull hair and grab at Nana's face. It's probably typical 2-year-old stuff, but it still bothers me. He's better with me about it, especially if I tell him "gentle" a lot as he's reaching for me. And he would not go to sleep tonight, so I had to put him down. Let the screaming ensue. And I'm a horrible mom. I couldn't help but chuckle. He was definitely crying his "I'm pissed" cry.

So I'm a cranky mess. My arm hurts from the Implanon. And lexapro is crap. I am so needing a night out with the girls.

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