Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19

Jaime is screaming. Fun night last night. He was up until midnight. Storm alarms went off at 230. Thankfully, HE slept through that. But he was up again from 430-630. WTH is up with this all of a sudden? But of course he was full of cuddles and kisses today. So even if I was mad at him (which I wasn't), I wouldn't have been able to stay so.

Maryn is still in her big-girl crib. Fingers crossed that she's able to keep her temp up. It's so nice being able to go in there and just lean over to kiss her forehead anytime, instead of waiting to get her out. Trying to squeeze into the isolette isn't fun. Seriously.

We are loving the new room. She actually gets some sunlight. It's big in comparison. So I spent 2+ hours holding her this afternoon. She slept the whole time. I just looked out the window and read my book while cuddling. So nice.

And she's starting to outgrow her preemie clothes. There are 2 outfits that must be retired (actually re-gifted back to the NICU) because her feet are already in the bottoms. I'm curious to see if she grew any this week, as she didn't last week. Was too busy putting on the weight. Which is 4lbs 8oz as of last night by the way.

She is having another bronch on Wednesday. PLEASE pray for some answers! Preferably ones that don't involve a trach.

Off to indulge in toasted almond fudge....

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