Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11

Not much to tell. Maryn has now gained 1 kg since birth. 3lbs 15oz or 1790 grams. At that weight, she might get to move into a crib sometime soon. She's still on the vent, and they are hoping to wait until late next week to try getting off it again.

Jaime is a sweet bug. I came home from Dr., meeting at the hospital, and cuddling my baby girl. He needed a cuddle too, and without asking, he also gave me a kiss! I love it when he puckers. So cute.

Me, I'm done with my OB appointments until NOVEMBER! WTF am I going to do? I can't go 6 months without seeing them? Isn't that too long? It just won't feel right! So I told Kim at the desk to call me if they had any job openings coming up. Give me an excuse to go in. You know it's bad when you know a large number of staff members, and they know you too.

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  1. oh girl.. that is how ours is with me. sadly in there every few days. i hope she continues to be stable.