Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 June

Good news and bad news. Bad news first.

If we end up needing the trach, we will probably also do a g-button at the same time. Since she's had the vent in for such a long time, she probably has quite the oral aversion, and if they do it at the same time, that's one less need to put her under anesthesia. This came as quite a shock to me. Don't know what really to think about it yet, but I do know I'm in favor of fewer exposures to anesthesia if possible.

And the little princess has been throwing fits recently. Bradied twice yesterday while I was holding her. And today, she was playing games with her SATs all day. One second it was 93, the next we were in the 50s. And she was really agitated today. Don't know why.

So-so news. We are probably looking at another 2-3 months in the NICU. No getting out around due dates for us.

Good news. We have a 5-pounder. Actually, she's 5-2 as of tonight. She hit the 5 lb mark last night.

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