Friday, May 29, 2009

Today sucks

Reintubated. I'm pretty much devastated. She was working really hard, and the nurses were needing to physically stimulate her to get her to come out of her bradies and desats. When the neonate reintubated her, he noticed that there was a narrowing of her windpipe just below her vocal cords. Could be mucus, could be scar tissue.

Sooooooo....that means she has to go under anesthesia AGAIN so the ENT can look and see what the deal is. And if it is scar tissue, it could lead to another surgery. But we won't know much until after the bronchioscope, which will probably be some time next week. At least the ENTs that they use are some good ones, not the quacks that we used to deal with for Jameson.

And I found all this out while at my dad's retirement party. So I pretty much managed to ruin everyone else's day too. Yay me.

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