Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I missed yesterday. Just shoot me now.

Maryn was put back on CPAP yesterday, as her vent settings were really low. Of course, that didn't last. Reintubated early this morning thanks to apnea and brady spells. I finally had to ask the doc if she's ever going to get off the vent. He says he's positive she will, but she may just need to be a little bigger. He is doing another brain ultrasound to see if the ventricles are bigger, which could also be interfering with the "remember to breathe" portion of her brain. I'll quiz them later today when I go in on the results.

And now I'm fighting the same freakin' cold that my dad and Jaime have. Oh joy. Like I said, just shoot me now.

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