Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15 still

Just got back from the hossy. Maryn is doing fine back on the freakin' vent. Just seeing the damn thing is starting to piss me off. Very low support - room air and 20 breaths a minutes. Low pressure settings too.

She's a little on the warm side, so they are keeping an eye on her. Oh God, please don't let my little girl come down with an infection! If that happens, will someone please just push me into the river?

Repeat brain ultrasound today came back stable, so the docs are thinking that wasn't the problem.

She was down to 2lbs 7oz last night, and she's the same now. She probably has a little more fluid to work off. And since she's on the diuretic, they are giving her sodium and potassium supplements again.

And I'm about to need a supplement of my own. Till tomorrow...

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