Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27

We have a 3 pounder! When she got weighed Monday night, she was up to 1350 grams, so 3 pounds exactly. And she actually gained one ounce last night too. Her cheeks are actually starting to get a little chub on them. Although you couldn't tell from the rest of her. Darn princess has absolutely NO butt, and her arms and legs are still the size of Barbie's. I got enough butt to share with both my kids, but NOOOOOOOOOO.

Today we may be trying CPAP again. Just waiting to hear results from her caffeine labs from yesterday before the decision is made.

Jaime is still a monkey. He'll stand and bounce on the couch, then literally launch himself face-first onto it. Then he laughs uncontrollably. It's so cute. Until he landed on me yesterday, hitting the spot where my PICC line was. Not so much fun for mommy.

Off to get ready for appointments, then scrapbooking and seeing my princess. Hey, anyone have good recommendations for good books? I'm about to finish the Twilight series and will need something to help me out of the vamp stupor.

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