Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28

Geez, I feel like I'm being attacked by a vampire again. 3 more vials of blood given to my doc today. And that's after the 4 from yesterday. At least, if I'm going to be attacked like this, can someone make the vamp look like E.C? :)

Jaime is a crazy kid. As ever. Tried to help Nana with her ice cream sandwich. Too cute.

Sent my parents to the neighbor's garage sale this afternoon. $40 for a white crib. NICE! Too good to pass up, so at least Maryn has a place to sleep once we get to take her home. And yes, we checked the slats and all.

And the Princess was put on CPAP this afternoon. Around 2:15. She did pretty well with the switch. Now if she would just leave the prongs in her nose. About ever 15 minutes she manages to wiggle at least one of them out. When they were in though, her sats were still pretty good. The neonate is crossing his fingers. ME TOO!

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