Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13

I need to find some creative way to title the posts. I suck.

Jaime definitely has a cold. Poor buggy! He only wants to eat yogurt-type stuff. At least it's not complete junk. If this cold lasts as long as it did with my dad, he should be feeling better by Friday. But for now, I have one serious cuddle-monster.

Maryn is doing well. She gained a bunch of weight again last night, so they are putting her back on the diuretic since a decent amount over the past few days is likely due to fluid retention. Remind me over the next several days that I just want her to stay 2lbs 5oz or more. I'm destined to freak even though I say I won't.

Brain ultrasound was stable. The ventricles are about the same size.

They weaned her vent this morning. They'll try to do a little more tomorrow morning (like 4AMish). If her blood gas after that is still good, we'll have "a serious discussion" about getting her off the vent and back on to CPAP. Hopefully for good. And yes, that was a quote from the neonate that called me this morning.

I did get to help give her a bath this afternoon. Of course, just as we were getting her wrapped in her blankie (we do swaddled bathing), she decided to poop in it. Great. She's such a stinker. Literally and figuratively. She really likes her baths, and she conks out shortly thereafter. Daddy is at the hospital now, probably holding her.

Ok, off to feed the munchin. Ta-ta.

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