Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't preach to me

As I was leaving for work this morning, I noticed that we had "THAT" nurse pulling in.  Oh joy.  Needless to say, I was not happy.  Now, you make think that she's no good with M, but that's not the case.  She does fine at the specifics of her job.  It's her mouth that needs some work.  Or maybe her filter.

She only comes out every once in a great while (thank God!).  But last time she was there, she tried pouring on the religious crap.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in God and know well of His mercy and grace.  I also know that I pay for my wrongdoing.  Because it is my fault. 

We were talking about how life is not easy with two special needs kids.  It isn't.  I'm not complaining because I adore my children just the way they are.  I am lucky and blessed to be their mom.  But having a 3-year old who could see or feed himself, or a 14 month old who could walk and breathe on her own, would make things easier.  But we deal the best we can.  She started spouting off about how God is like a gold/silversmith.  Huh?  I missed that parable in church.  She went on with how like a goldsmith hold the gold to the fire until it is pure, so God hold us to the fire until we are pure.  Until He can see his reflection is us.  All fine and dandy, until you think about how my KIDS are paying the price.  Really?  How DARE you insinuate that my kids' issues are because I am not "holy" or Godly enough!  Are you kidding me?  You have to be, because no one with 1/2 a brain would ever say such a thing to me, much less in my own house.  And the more I think about her saying this to me, the more offensive I find it.

So please, if you think of trying to justify the trials we are working through, please think twice before opening your yap.


  1. She's a few crayons short of a full box...she MUST be! In my church (Mormon) one of the articles of faith state: We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression. - Meaning you're judged on your own actions, not anyone else's And even more important is that children with special needs are not here to fight a battle to become more Christlike. They are special spirits who do not have to face the same worldly trails because of something they did in the pre-mortal world. (If that makes sense?)

    Ignore her! Or better yet - call the agency and let them know you're not comfortable with her speaking of religion in your home - and to only use her when they absolutely have no other choice!!!

  2. Tasha my filter doesn't work so well sometimes and in this case I wouldn't have been as polie as you! Your children are who they are because they are! I know you get that! I will say though that not every family gets a special soul let alone two to care for because they aren't Godly enough! You exhibit the Gace and Love to your children that Our Father shows us! You are a living example of his Love and how to live faithfully! I look to you when I am wallowing in my life cause you aren't wallowing yet you have a reason should you choose to wallow! Just know that we love you and your children and we aren't liking that nurse so much!

  3. Number one rule as a nurse. Leave your personal vendetta out of it. Period. You advocate for your patients and their families. You do what the mommy knows is best and follow that. End of story.

    What I do know, is that God holds children with special needs on his chest. It smells like rain there. And he holds their mommy's even closer.

    Ugh! So sorry honey.

    Big Hugs and lots of love to you, J, M, and D.


  4. I could rant and rave on and on here, about how great my daughter and grandchildren are, but I don't have too....they just ARE!!! Consider the mentality of the nurse and pity her. She needs it more than they do. And God is not that kind of God in our religion. He is a just and loving God and does not punish one for the sins of others!!!!!!!DUH!!!