Sunday, June 20, 2010


The latest big news - Jaime's in for ear tube surgery and an MRI on the 29th.  He's been dealing with lots of fluid in his ears the past few months.  ENT wanted to see if they would drain on their own since spring is a common time for that, but no such luck.  He's made such progress with his language, and she doesn't want it to start affecting his balance long-term, so she said let's do 'em again. 

I was all for it.  The past few weeks, mornings have been hell for the boy.  It's almost like he's gotten over-stimulated, hitting things, beating on his head, etc.  It's been awful to see him like that.  I asked if the fluid build-up could be causing this behavior (he's often going after the sides of his head, just above his ears).  Absolutely.  Whew.  Call me evil for being happy about that, but I am.  At least there is a reason for it, and it's not a seizure reason.

So we had ENT call Neuro and get the MRI at the same time.  Neuro wasn't going to put him under for just an MRI, but he was willing to piggy-back on another procedure if something else was coming up.  So there ya have it.  Tuesday, June 29.  Check in at 6, scheduled for 730.


  1. just wanted to tell you that naomi banged her head just like that before we got her tubes put in. fists beating just above her ears. she also used to tilt her head all the way to the side, too. we used to think it was so cute, like she was thinking, then i realized she was off-balance from the fluid in her ears. good luck little jaime!

  2. Many prayers that everything goes perfectly - and you're not evil for being happy about understanding some aspect of your child's behavior - any mom, special needs or not, is happy when they can understand the reasoning behind our child's actions.