Sunday, June 27, 2010

June is on my shit list

Is this month over yet?  Please?

Ok, so M's SATs were getting worse and worse.  We took her back to the pedi Friday.  Growing lots of crap out of her trach, so we are doubling it up on the antibiotics.  Omnicef and bactrim.  Plus adding predinsone to the mix.  I don't want my kid to be worse, but I must admit it was reassuring when the doc told me she did hear just a bit of the wheezing I kept hearing over the previous 48 hours.

Then, just to make things fun, I get a phone call from my dad while we were in the pedi's office.  He was watching J for us.  And it looked like he had another seizure.  No shaking, but a lot like the other time I worried I missed something.  Playing like usual, tune out for a sec, then notice he's snoring on the floor.  Out like a light.  And won't wake up.  At least he was "back to baseline" within 90 minutes this time.  His best showing thus far.

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  Papa was back again helping out with the kids.  He wakes me at 7:15.  He can't get M's SAT alarm to stop going off.  It's not the alarm malfunctioning.  She can't keep her SATs up, so I crank her O2 up again.  Maxing her out on our at-home machine at 5 L.  And I still can't get her to stay above 88%.  Someone has GOT to be kidding.  So, after a phone call to the nurses' line, paging the on-call pedi, and reassessing every 10 minutes, I get to haul her back to the ER.

I must say, a bright spot in this shit-hole was ER Doc Jensen.  We'd seen him before, and I'm pretty sure he has his act together.  After listening to the story, he says that he's going to order labs, x-rays, etc, but that she will also be admitted.  Thank the Lord.  I told him that was exactly what I was hoping for.  This way I didn't have to pitch a fit to get it.  I just knew she needed to be on IV antibiotics.  He chuckled, aying he'd save me from having to pitch the fit.  I think he was smart and choosing to save himself. 

Highlights:  Admitted to 4, my favorite (not).  Needing 6+ L to maintain SATs.  Everyone thinks I'm a nut job since she looks fine, but we can only get her to 5 L at home.  Whatever.  Lots of tests run.  X-ray ok.  Labs are still in progress.  On lots of meds.  Residents are idiots (charts are there so I don't have to repeat M's life history YET AGAIN, so read the damn thing.  This is not story-time in kindergarten).  Since they are idiots, I let them panic over M's yellow/orange mouth (thanks sweet potatoes).  Morons.  

FF to Sunday.  M's doing better, despite an RT rubbing elbows with the residents.  Looks to be discharged Monday or Tuesday.  I'm fighting for Tuesday so we don't have to go through the "oops, we sent her home too early" thing again.  And now J climbs out of his pack and play, falling onto the floor screaming.  Just in time for his MRI and tubes on Tuesday.

So to steal a phrase from my most-awesome sister, I'm going to stop asking "what next?" because I think God it taking it as a challenge.


  1. oh my gosh...I will be thinking of you all and hoping things improve over the next few days. poor kiddos! stop scaring your mama like that.

  2. Wow, Tasha! So sorry you had such a stressful weekend! I hope things start getting better this week, I'll be praying for you guys! Good luck with the tubes and MRI!