Sunday, May 2, 2010

March on

Last weekend was our local March for Babies. I had never been a part of it before, so I am now sure that everyone could tell I was a total rookie.

We had done a bunch of fundraising online, coming close to my team goal of $1000. Not bad in my opinion! My team rocks. My parents and Nicki took over for David since his STUPID work wouldn't let him off. Carrie, Dan and Lucy (looking as cute as ever) were there. And a special friend Melissa from work. I can't explain to her how much that ment to me. So Sunday was just about walking for the babies.

I was worried I wouldn't know how to get to Mahoney. After living in NE for over 15 years, I had never been there. The long line of cars stopped on the interstate lead me to the right spot. Holy crap that's a lot of people! It was heartwarming to see that so many people took the time to do something for the babies. I never imagined it being that big.  News reports later said that over 4000 people were there!

After the panic of "what to do? Where to go?" we ran in to a few friends. Auntie Mandi and her family for one. 

Then we were off.  Ok, I was off like a snail.  Dang!  I hadn't done walking like that in years!  So much so that I, and the majority of my team, took the shortcut.  Well, the shortcut was a killer hill, but it was shorter.  And we made it to the finish line. 

If the weather was better, we would have made a day out of it.  They had firetrucks, trains, music, etc.  Just awesome.  But I still can't get over the awesomeness that was all of these people caring about the babies.

Luck, Love and Superpowers - we march for ALL the babies.  One of the reasons I march.


  1. i'm so glad your walk went well. i love the jane was here sign!! i remember reading her mama's sweet blog and it was just amazingly sad.

  2. i will ask my lil sis where she got naomi's hat and let you know :) it is a GREAT hat for keeping the sun off their faces.