Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family affair

So, yeah.  Maryn seems to like the hossy.  I tell ya - the kid wants to be there because the toys must be better or something!  Sheesh!  Gonna have to take her to Babies R Us for a shop-a-thon to keep her out.

Then, of course, Jaime wants in on the whole gig.  Friday night, while I'm with Maryn and talking to her awesome home nurse Miss Mandi, I get a panicked call from David.  He's at a loss for words.  Jaime was crawling towards him, then he flopped on to his side and because shaking.  Once it stopped, David called asking what to do.  Since J was still pretty unresponsive, I told him to just call the bus.  Talk about being in shock.  Really?  Did this REALLY just happen?  Seriously?  I was completely numb, bewildered, lost, confused, angry, etc.  I'm sure you English experts can give me the appropriate adjective for this, but my dictionary skills have left the building.

God bless Mandi who said she'd stay with M while I ran downstairs to meet up with David and J in the ER.  J was just crying.  When he saw me, he held out his arms and cried "mama!"  I was the only one who could make him feel better at that time I guess.  We just cuddled, rocked, and cried for a long time.  They kept checking on J, and sometimes he was coming out of it, sometimes you wouldn't get a bit of response.  Even when we tried tickling him.  Docs ended up doing a number of tests.  Labs, ECG and CT were all normal. 

While we were waiting for those results, J did start to come around for longer periods of time.  He would bounce a little bit and give me kisses.  So he was somewhat aware of his surroundings.  Since the tests were all "normal," they sent him home. 

We were supposed to get an EEG and appointment with the neuro on Monday, but of course that's worse than pulling teeth without novocaine.  Oh, let's just wait over 2 weeks for the EEG, and neuro will see him a week after that.  Um, are you fucking nuts?  Enter mom and dad threatening to throw a hissy.  We ended up getting the EEG moved to this Thursday (tomorrow) thanks to a cancellation, and neuro is on Tuesday.  So up in the air all over again.

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