Monday, May 24, 2010


So, readmitted on the 14th.  I'm still bitter about it.  She never should have gone home.  Stupid docs. 

We ended up down in the PICU after only a few hours because she was needing 100% oxygen.  Um, NOT good.  And they needed a better nurse-to-patient ratio with being that needy.  So off we went.  Friggin' pulmo that discharged her wanted a new size trach.  God bless the Nurse Kim and RT Brooke who dealt with me, because I was having nothing to do with it.  I said that we were just told that her size was fine.  I was not going to change anything based on his recommendations.  Really, you think I'm going to trust you after such a screw-up that soon after?  Do I look that gullible?  After conferring with the awesome pulmo Doc Nelson and on of our ENTs and their recommendation to up-size, I agreed.

We did make it up to step-down care in a few days.  Her O2 needs were still all over the place, but at least it wasn't as high as it was.  Small pleasures - it is nice to have a bathroom actually in the room.

But of course, we can't just have all good news.  We started noticing M crossing her eyes more.  Optho says things are stable from his point of view.  No pun intended.  Neuro-optho wants a CT.  Duh!  That's what I told them.  But of course, mom knows nothing.  Then he gets sick, so he has to postpone his visit.  When he did make it in, he found a weakness in the outer right eye.  So we are patching her left eye for 2-hours a day.  She hates it, but at least I know it isn't hurting her.  Just annoying her.

And her trach culture started growing crap.  Clebciela.  Common for trach patients, but still a pain.  IV antibiotics.  But don't google it or anything.  I'm sure I spelled it wrong.  So my misspelling will probably give you something like a degenerative joint disease or something.

And we are still there.  And I'm still annoyed.  Nurses keep messing with her O2 sat parameters, so who knows.  Thanks to that, we don't know if she's doing better or not.  Idiots.

Have I mentioned how patient I am?

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