Wednesday, July 1, 2009

happy 3 month birthday

Nothing too spectacular going on, but I wanted to publically wish my baby girl a happy birthday.

She's had fewer "episodes" since getting reintubated yesterday. Seems like putting it in a little farther/further (whatever) is bothering her less. She should be having an upper GI study done Thursday. Just a precursor to the possible g-button next week. Nothing big. And she was FINALLY decent for Nurse Amy.

I did some scrapbooking of my girl today. Got home and showed Jaime one of the pages. It was so cute. He started reaching for it. I asked him if he wanted to give baby sister's picture a kiss. And he leaned in to do it! I can't wait until I can let the two of them meet. yeah, that part sucks.

Oh, and she's officially gained 4 pounds since birth. 4lbs in 3 months. IDK, but sounds good to me.

And lastly, I must send a shout-out (yeah, I'm that old) to my buddy Logan who finally got to go home. Happy late 7 month birthday buddy! Glad you are where you belong.

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