Thursday, July 23, 2009

23 July

Wow. I totally suck. It's been days since I've updated. And what a few days it has been!

First, Jaime loves to give kisses. Has for a while. Today, he started giving his giraffe Melman kisses. He puckers and does the "mwah" sound effects and all. But will someone please explain another obsession of his to me? He likes to rub his butt on the floor when I change him. No, not like he has an itch or anything. And he giggles while doing it! Yeah, he's gonna kill me for putting that out in cyberland when he gets older, but whatever.

Maryn took her first bottle on Monday. Downed the whole thing. They started her on 3 bottles a day. Now, she's up to 5 bottles a day. MRI tomorrow to just check things out. They don't expect to get a lot of new info, but it won't hurt. And they aren't putting her under anesthesia for it. If they did, she'd have to go back on the vent. NOT OK! So I'm glad about that. She's up to 6 lb 9 oz as of last night. She's having more "awake" moments too. Up for about 2 hours with me this afternoon. Of course, my mind draws a blank and I have no idea what to do to entertain a 3 month old/newborn. She has a new dolly - a trached Minnie Mouse. :) I have to get pictures of that. And learn how to post them here. Ok, I'm really rambling aimlessly and I can't think. Off to read...

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