Saturday, July 18, 2009

18 July

I guess it's officially the 18th, but anyway.

The vent is gone. Auntie Cheryl was right. :) Took her straight off and put the trach collar on. Decent blood gasses (something in the 50s) and SATs mostly in the lower 90s. I talked with the Respiratory Therapist this afternoon, and she had already taken the machine out of Maryn's room. I swear if I ever see that cursed thing again, it's going out our 5th floor window.

AND I suctioned her twice today. You proud of me Auntie Amy? David even tried it. Yeah, it's scary, but whatever. At least we've been seeing her get suctioned every hour or so when she was on the vent, so it's not completely foreign to us. Just the technique and all. I managed to screw up with the glove the first time, but I'm happy to be entertainment for the night crew.

We can hold her now too. The Neo had said no, but we asked the ENT yesterday. He was fine with it as long as we disconnected any tubing stuff before we moved her. Man, that was wonderful. He didn't get far before I had her in my arms. Actually, he was still writing the OK order down in her chart!

And Jaime is a stinker as always. We had a meeting with his case worker today, JoDell. We really like her, and she was just coming over to talk and get updates. Well, we sit down, and she says hi to Jaime. Right away, he looks at her and says "bye-bye!" Waving too. It was just too cute. Every time she'd ask him something, she's get the same response. Stinker I tell you!

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