Tuesday, July 14, 2009

14 july

this sucks. this isn't fair. i'm pissed at the world. i hate...i don't know.

got the news today that the doc thinks maryn needs the trach. i thought she was doing so well, fighting the good fight and all. but the benefit of the steroids is maxed out, and the squeeking is still there. we could try and make it still, but the odds are that she'd need it down the road. one cold or sinus infection over the next 6-12 months or so, and she'd be back on the vent. and that's the last thing i want for her, as the ET tube seems to make everything worse. so yeah, we're doing it. tomorrow morning at 7. gee, kinda overshadows the fact that she finally got to meet her big brother today. and that pisses me off too.

and stupid people who are selfish aren't helping the situation. sorry i'm inconveniencing anyone now that i have to think about my daughter having surgery. and jaime's so hard to take care of.

so please pray for a quick surgery, fast healing, and some peace of mind for her mom and dad. we just want to do the best thing for her.


  1. You just focus on your family and let the others focus on themselves cause it seems that they are only capapble of that; Jaime is a busy kid as they all are at that age. Sending loads of prayers and positive hopeful thoughts.

  2. Tasha, you are not selfishin any way. In fact, you are one of the most unselfish people I know! You are a GREAT mommy and don't ever second guess yourself. Anyone who judges you in your situation ought to try a day... no...even an HOUR in your shoes. I'm thinking about your family and Maryn right now and have been all day. Thinking and praying. You are doing the best for your baby girl, I'm sure of it! You are and continue to be an inspiration to me and will be to many others in the future. You are great, beautiful, smart, and Jamie and Maryn are 2 lucky little children to have you as a mommy! And I'm very lucky to have met you.