Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You didn't just say that.

"I understand" - no you don't
"I can imagine" - no you can't
"How are you?" - you don't really want to know
"Are you ok?" - what do you think?
"I lost my grandfather/uncle/etc." - doesn't fucking compare
"At least you had him for..." - how long is enough with YOUR kid?
"He's not hurting anymore" - should never have been in the first place
"You're so strong" - I have no choice
"I couldn't do it" - I want to die every single day
"But you still have M" - and that makes it better you fuckhead?

And so help YOU, if you come at me with "God has a plan" or anything like it, I will go off on you.  And quite possibly hurt you.  And not feel a damn bit sorry about it.

So what should you say?  I'm sorry followed by a hug.  Because no words can make it better.

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