Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter approaches

So this is supposed to be the biggest holiday in the Catholic faith.  But I tell you what, I sure as hell don't feel like celebrating.  Call me selfish or whatever, I don't care.  Spring and Easter are supposed to represent new life.  Yet my son is gone.  Holidays are a time for families to gather together.  A huge piece of mine is missing.  Longer days mean more light.  Yet my world is permanently in the shadows.

I can't get any Easter basket stuff together, because it's not a holiday without him.  Hunting for Easter baskets for just his sister and not him is just not right, not okay.  I won't even be able to eat.  Ham and potatoes were some of his favorite things to eat.  I can't eat or even buy his favorite foods.

So while I'm forever thankful that God promises a life together beyond this realm, I think I'll just spend the day asleep, trying to avoid life in general.  And if you want to help, distract me with anything NOT Easter.

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