Friday, August 6, 2010

Into August

I hereby admonish myself for being a slacker.  There, are you happy now?  20 lashes you know.

Actually, things have been pretty crazy.  And now I'm stuck back at work when, of course, all I'd rather do is admire my kids' latest accomplishments.  So the last 3 weeks in a nutshell...

1.  Maryn's benefit was a HUGE success.  I didn't expect nearly that many people there.  It was so packed I sadly didn't make it around to everyone.  But M was a star.  Just hanging out the whole time.  Cool as a cucumber.  Figuratively at least, as the weather and amount of people there made the room feel like a sauna.  And big brother was a hit too.  Later in the evening, he walked me over to the band and started dancing in front of the lead singer.  So cute.  First order of business after the event was over was to get the Princess a new car seat. 

2.  New car seat needed because since her May surgery, she's become a chunk.  Over 22 pounds now.  In fact, on the REGULAR baby chart for a 16-month old, she's at the 33%.   And she's only 7% for length.  Ugh.  The dietician - NOT her regular one - wants to switch her to a different 30 calorie formula (right now she's on 24 calorie).  WTF?  You want my kid to be obese on top of her other issues?  I got her to come down to a 27 calorie mix, then asked my pedi about it.  She checked further, and their rationale was M's going to need the additional calories as she moves around more.  Um, right.  M doesn't walk.  She doesn't crawl.  She doesn't roll over.  WTF kind of moving are you talking about?  Seriously, it could be years before she's mobile, and you just want to pack pounds on her in the mean time?  No way!  So Daddy and I have talked, and we aren't going to up her calories right now.  When she starts moving, sure.

3.  M is eating 2 stage 2 baby foods a day.  She hates it.  Lots of gagging and retching, especially as we get started.  And it sometimes leads to her spitting up again.  Which is not supposed to be possible.  So something is up with the fundo.  Fuck.

4.  J has been seizure-free since we started meds.  I don't like the meds, but if it helps him, Mommy will deal.

5.  He has also be chatting up a storm.  He has reached that mimicking stage, so please be careful what you say around him!  You never know what's going to come out of his mouth.  Oh, and those questionable things you think you are hearing are "sock off" and "faker."  Try not to giggle too much.

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