Friday, August 27, 2010

OYA - homecoming

One year ago, we brought our miracle girl home.  After 150 days, she was coming home.  We had enough wiring to at least stretch across the county.  Would we remember how to work all this stuff?  Would we be able to keep her alive, like the amazing docs, nurses, and rest of the staff did?  Man, I didn't know.  They sure trusted us a WHOLE lot more than I thought we deserved.  But one thing I did know for sure - she couldn't possibly have been any more loved.

Fast forward.  One year after coming home, she's still showing she's such a fighter.  At least five hospitalizations since then.  Two major surgeries.  Back on the vent with pneumonia.  You know, it's become a bit of a joke - how long can we be at Children's before we see someone we know.  But through it all, she smiles and flashes those gorgeous blue eyes.  Yeah, our life isn't as easy as we had planned.  But it is so worth it.  Every ounce of stress can't touch the blessings this sweet miracle has bestowed upon us.  We are so lucky.


  1. Happy Homecoming! I have been following you since way back when on the July 2009 board. You are such a strong family and Maryn and Jamie are just beautiful!

  2. happy homecoming lil princess :) hoping for continued less eventful years to come, with less and less hospital visits.