Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baptism coming

Maryn is getting baptized in the Catholic Church on September 1.  It's important to me.  But some people are concerned that I'm forcing this religion on her.  Here's my take....

She was baptized to God the night she was born.  A very special Lutheran pastor had the honor.  But yes, I still want her baptized Catholic.  It is the religion of my family, of her namesake.  But I don't have any intention of "making" her Catholic.  That is up to her.  As she grows, she will learn the ways of many religions.  She will get to choose where she fits in best and what seems right to her.  She will make the decision on her own.  I just want to keep the door open for her if she does decide Catholicism is the direction for her.  I'm giving her that option, so it's not a big headache/hassle later on.

But no matter her choice as she grows, my daughter will know the love of her parents, her family, and the Lord.  Every day.


  1. hate when people interject their opinions on the raising of someoneelse's children - especially when it comes to religion... WTG with giving her the direction that your family believes and allowing her to decide for herself as she gets older.

  2. That is so sweet Tasha. Congrats on baptizing Maryn. I am thankful my parents chose to baptize me Catholic. I was married Lutheran, but knowing that I still have that sacrament and the base of faith is priceless.