Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't go there. DON'T go there!...She went there.

And yet again, her timing is impeccable. 

M is scheduled for a bronch and GI scope next Wednesday.  All fine and dandy.  They want to see if her airway dialation from May held at all and perhaps get some sort of idea as to why she is yet again spitting like a pro-wrestler.  Her specialty move?  Regurgitating formula down your shirt from a foot away.  You become so distracted by the slightly sweet smelling, soggy mess, that the Princess has time to make her move for her favorite toy.  She hides her HME.  But I digress...

So anyway, she needs to be healthy.  Someone let the cat out of the bag.  The girl caught on to the plan.  And now, she's coming down with whatever her brother has. 

J got sick last week.  Fever of over 102.  Green crap coming out his nose.  A cough that has the neighbor's dog curious.  Lovely nurse just kinda went "oh, that's not bad for a kid his age."  David then asked about his seizures.  "What?  He has seizures?  Let me check."  Oy, remind me to only call when our regular nurses/docs are in office.  They want to see him.  Strep culture is negative.  But do you think the on-duty doc would do a flu swab?  Of course not.  That would make sense, especially considering we have a medically fragile preemie at home.  Someone needs a dork-slap.

So, J is working on getting better.  He throws in a seizure at school just to keep everyone on their toes.  And M, enthralled with her brother as always, has decided she wants to be just like him (minus the seizures, thank God.)  All last week, she had more secretions than usual.  But last night, the girl went yellow.  Not just a little.  Not for one suction episode.  Yellow. 


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