Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Revolving door

That's what I think this hospital stuff is.  Because as soon as we get out, we are back here soon enough.  Today was M's bronch and GI scope. 

Purpose of the bronch:  see if the dialation from May held.  See if her airway is improving.  Dialate further.  Outcome of the bronch:  airway did maintain some of the dialation from May.  In May, they couldn't get a 2.5 mm flexible scope down her airway - the same they used on her the night she was born.  Now, they got a diameter of 4.3.  More than I was expecting.  She does have a decent granuloma (random bubble of scar tissue) growing in her airway that will have to come out at some point, but it's not urgent right now.  Follow-up with Doc Q next month.  We will repeat the bronch/dialation every 3-4 months.

Purpose of the GI scope:  see if there were any glaring issues that could be causing her recurrent spitting.
Outcome of the GI scope:  Fundo is still in place and looks pretty decent.  Nothing obvious that is causing her spitting.  Will wait until we see the results from the biopsies say.  Could show inflammation that could cause spitting.  If not, we go from there.

Ok, now that all the medical crap is out of the way... Not to shabby of a day.  Today, other than the constant headache from yesterday (we'll deal with that later), was ok.  After working 1/2 day at school, off to the hossy.  M was cute and happy as ever.  I have to say it was "nice" not being so nervous.  We've gone through both of these procedures before, so not much "unknown" to deal with.  The tylenol made a mess, but now it's pretty easy to change out her g-button gauze.  And back she went.

I don't know why I was so anxious in the waiting room.  It wasn't nerves, but I was on edge.  So thankfully, we had visitors to keep me occupied.  My mom was there - of course!  (My dad would have been too, but he was at our house with J.)  My sis and niece showed up too.  With Starbucks.  Dude, that stuff is better than heroin!  Ok, not that I know that from experience, but you get me.  And Phyllis, a former NICU mom with me, came to check on us.  Her sweet boy Logan is at another hossy here in town, and she came by to see M.  Man, I didn't realize how much I missed her.  It's nice to have another mom that has gone to hell and back a few times understand the sarcasm and humor that accompanies it all.  And she brought M a purple horsey.  :)

The whole ordeal is a bit like deja vu.  In the waiting room:  Steph and Jodi from RT.  Anthony the pastor.  Doc H from ortho.  Doc O and Julianne from genetics.  Doc P from neurosurg.  Doc C from peds surg.  Crappo Doc L from neuro (we won't see him any more).  Then we get assigned to 412 which is where we were in June, and next door to where we were with my niece 2 weeks ago.  Our nurse was my niece's nurse on that visit. 

Coincidence?  I think not.  I think we are simply here way too much.  37 visits to be exact (according the pre-op nurses).

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  1. Glad the Starbucks helped! Oh, and kinda weird about the 37 visits. Steve commented on my fb status saying how our family needs a punchcard at the hossy where after 36 stays, the 37th is free. Just weird that he got the amount of stays right. Hope M's doing well tonight!