Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post-Halloween activities

Ok. I'm gonna try to beat my October count here. Think I can do it? :P

Short version of Maryn's birth story is up on my facebook account. Check there if you wanna know. At least until I get my act together and get that damn book written. I figured I've always known I wanted kids, and Lord knows we've had a tough time of it. Maybe someone out there would get something out of our story. We'll see...

Maryn was an adorable Smurfette for Halloween. Yes, I'm sick and twisted. But this was her excuse to be blue. And this time it was ok. Long yellow braids, blue sleeper. Quite cute if I say so myself. She just kept looking at me like "Mom, WTF did you just put on my head?" Jaime on the other hand, was, um, "less enthusiastic." In fact, he screamed and hid as soon as we put his costume on. He was a monkey. I thought it appropriate since he's climbing on everything, and hes current favorite word is "banana." You think he'd say it while dressed as a monkey? Of course not.

Then yesterday, since he was repeating BANANA over, and over, and over, and, well, you get the idea, I gave him an actual banana. He would not let go. At all. For about 2 hours. I finally had to pry it from his hands when I noticed (while I was feeding Maryn mind you) that he had peeled half of it and decided it would be fun to grind it into his pants and the carpet. Oh joy. Really, it wasn't that bad, but I had to chuckle.

Latest medical news...
Jaime - lumbar puncture on the 10th to check for a neurotransmitter disorder. Blood tests to check for a different genetic mutation. Vision teacher FINALLY came out to see him. Although I didn't see much in the way of help from her this visit. Wants to walk still. Doing ok with speech preschool, although my mom reports that they don't seem to comprehend his vision issues.
Maryn - shunt is stable. I *think* her spitting is getting a tad better. Watch, tonight will be a waterfall just because I jinxed it. But she's eating worth crap right now. 45 minutes and I might get 2-3 ounces in her. So I'm concerned about dehydration.

Random us news. We want to sell the house. Ok, well, I want to sell the house. Move to Papio or Millard. So PLEASE send all friends/family looking for a cute little house in a nice neighborhood our way!

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