Tuesday, November 17, 2009

People suck

Ok, so as my mom would say, "I'd like to say it can't get any worse, but I don't want to tempt fate." Things just completely suck around here.

Before anyone gets too worrried, the kids are ok. We are all fighting colds, but nothing serious. And they both were able to get the H1N1 vaccine a few weeks ago. So that was a big sigh of relief.

Jaime is now obsessed with "banana" and has learned to say "panda" and "bun." But the best is when he smiles and says "butt" and slaps his. What a goof.

Maryn had a decent appointment with the aerodigestive clinic. Lungs are a little wet, so she's back on a diuretic, but that's nothing new for us. It's a big cycle it seems. She's spitting like a fashionista redecorator, but again, nothing new. I swear I'm opting for hardwood floors whenever we get a chance to move. We are supposed to use the same bottle to feed her, to see if that helps make her fight a little less (yeah right, but we'll try!). And she's been running a low-grade fever for a few days now. Hovering right around 100*. If she still has it on Thursday, the doc wants us to bring her in just to make sure. But for now, we are just keeping on eye on her. She's not really showing any other signs of illness.

Now for the fun.

My "boss" at the middle school is treating me like crap. After 10 years, I guess I suddenly don't know what I am doing. Supposedly, I don't plan, I don't motivate kids, I don't set any guidelines. Ever. And she know that I never do any of this after spending 30 minutes in one class on one day. (Of course, listen to a student of mine, and she'd tell you a different story. Courtney came up to me yesterday and said "Mrs. LP, I miss you. I wish I was still in French. I am GOING to take French next year one way or another." But I had nothing to do with that I guess. At all.)

Then we get word that Coventry (insurance) and Millard have denied all nursing care for Maryn. And they say there are no more appeals we can go through. I was told that what she needs is considered "custodial" in care, not "pallative." Aka - we can show just anyone how to take care of her. It's not hard. This despite the three letter we have stating otherwise. From a pediatrician, a neonatologist and a pulmonologist. Guess those guys don't know what they are doing either.

AND they (insurance - thereby Millard) are trying to deny the claims for Jaime's Developmental Clinic visits. Because "developmental" issues are not covered. Seriously? Can a school district get any more hypocritical? But it's not just developmental in coverage! His ortho sees him for a slight spine malformation and his protrusion of his feet. The dietician sees him to make sure he has enough of the proper foods to eat since he was delayed due to his cleft (a MEDICAL condition). The neurologist sees him to see if his issues are caused by brain and/or chemical deficiencies. The geneticist sees him to test for a genetic cause for all his symptoms.

People have asked me if I'm taking this out on Millard when it is really just an insurance issue. But here's my thought. Millard decided this was the best company for it's employees. Millard agreed to THIS policy. Therefore, they agree with what the company says. They are just as guilty, if not more. That said, if this is the way this district wants to treat its employees, then this is NOT the place for me. so if anyone knows of a decent job in the Omaha area, please let me know. I'm about to go crazy here.

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  1. hi tasha, i started following your blog back when we were both PALs. i wanted to tell you my baby girl (born in april 09) also has a lot of eating problems. she too would suck and suck and suck on a bottle, and practically no formula would be ingested. then after that she would just fight like crazy, practically throw a tantrum and writhe off my lap, whenever we tried to feed her a bottle. this has been going on for 2 1/2 months and she still seems to somehow be doing ok. she hasn't gained much weight but at least she's still on the growth charts for now. i would love any suggestions you've gotten as to how to get your little girl to eat without fighting. no one has really ever given me any that worked. the only things that work for us are: we switched to an incredibly hypoallergenic formula for babies allergic to milk, soy, and a lot of other foods, we have her on a strong antacid (prevacid) twice a day, and we wait until she's very hungry before attempting to feed her. even still, she only eats between 1 and 4 oz per feeding. anyway sorry to ramble, it's just not often i find someone else whose baby has a similar issue to mine.