Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(^%$^%$)(^)*& continued

She got worse overnight. I got a call shortly after David got home (my mom was there). Her hemoglobin was low. She needed a transfusion. Do I give consent? Ummmm, hellllllloooooooo? If it's going to help save my baby girl, DO IT! NOW! STOP TALKING AND GET TO WORK!!!

I get there and she's up to requiring 100% oxygen to keep her SATs up. Um, crap. I really don't have any words to describe how my heart sank. It was a cross between devastation, panic, disbelief, anger, and a few other things I can't quite identify right now. Because of that, they were transferring her to the PICU. Ok, but do I seriously have to get to know nurses on EVERY freaking floor of this hospital? Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't consider taking her anywhere else. And they are wonderful. I'm just at my wits end.

We get down there, and Dr. D is awesome. I hadn't met him before, but he had a preemie himself. So he actually understood everything I was dealing with. Both medically and as a parent. He did put her back on the vent (ok, just stop on my heart while it's lying on the floor), but I did agree that it was best for her. That way all the energy she was using to try and breathe could now be used to try and get better.

And God bless the angels that were watching over her. Yeah, like I said, all the nurses, etc are great. But there are some seriously special people there. As they were getting Maryn settled in, Steph, one of my favorite RTs from the NICU stopped in. Kid you not, I ran to her. Bawling, but it was so comforting to know that someone who knew her, who knew how special and wonderful she is, was going to be watching out for her. If I was concerned about her care before that, I now had confirmation that Maryn would receive the BEST care she could get.

Calls and texts from nurses. Ok, so they aren't just her nurses any more. They are family. Maryn's "aunties."

And then Erica and Julia from the lab stopped by. Wanting to know what was going on. Do you know how it feels when someone who was a complete stranger 8 months ago is honestly concerned about your baby? And to know that they just aren't saying it to make themselves feel better? No, they really care. I have no doubt. And the lady from the cafeteria (forgive me, I forgot your name! Bad Tasha!). You can always make me smile. You know me by name and will just chat if I need to. Sorry if y'all don't like seeing your names here, but you are special to Maryn, to me, and to my whole family. You all deserve to be recognized. While I wish we had all met under better circumstances, I thank God for giving me not only the gift that is Maryn, but also the gift of all of these wonderful people. I could not do this without you.

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