Monday, May 22, 2017

Time Hop

Time Hop on Facebook is a double edged sword.  Not how I needed to start this week.

I love seeing all the old posts, especially pictures of my kids.  Not that long ago, a picture of M sticking her tongue out like Gene Simmons came up.  Can't help but smile at something like that.  And shortly before that, I got to watch a video of J bouncing.  God I miss that.

Today wasn't as nice.  Showed a post from seven years ago.  Talking about J's first seizure the day before.  That was what started this whole nightmare.  I remember it like it was yesterday, literally.  M was in the hospital; pneumonia I think.  Nurse Mandi was in her room with me when I got the call from the kids' dad.  J had collapsed and started shaking.  I immediately said he needed to call for an ambulance, which he did.  I met them downstairs in the ER.  Yup, M was on 4th floor (I think it was 4) and J was in the ER.  He was alert by the time we all got there.  All the tests came back ok, so we were hoping it was a fluke.  Little did we know...

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